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The Tools

Tools listed in no particular order, updated periodically and dropped at will. If links do not work hit the contact tab and relay your woe to the tools portal meister.

  • Annotate - a simple app to add lab generated annotation to your gene lists (requires Raven) Annotate
  • CHiCP - Capture HiC Plotter (local instance) CHiCP
  • OwnCloud - local cloud for file sharing and collaborative document editing.OwnCloud
  • Progenitors - Various plotting visualisations of the blueprint dataset Progenitors
  • Gitlab - Ouwehand development team src repository GitLab
  • Haempipe - Sequence pipeline tracking application Haempipe
  • Timecourse - compare expression over time in different cell types: TCPlot
  • Haematlas - compare expression in different cell types: Haematlas
  • Expressed! - expression visualisation in different cell types from 5 different datasets: Expressed!
  • Venn List - create Venn diagrams of up to three lists (of gene names for example): Venn Generator
  • RNA Abundance Query tool for platelet specific genes: RNA Abundance Query
  • SNPs by chromosome/disorder found through GWAS: GWAS Browser
  • Vancouver formatted publications from PMIDs: Pubilicious